Low Record Volume

When using the midi keyboard to record in notes, the volume is notably lower using Halion Sonic SE. If I move the mod wheel the volume is improved, but I should not have to take my hands off the keyboard when I am live recording in order to move the mod wheel. Playing back what was recorded is also lower in volume compared to just having the staff selected and playing/practicing on the keyboard.

Other VST instruments e.g. Piano Tec does not have this odd behavior i.e. the practice, record, and playback volumes are the same. Is there a setting in Halion Sonic that will turn off this behavior i.e. have the volume as practiced the same as when you record and playback.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

This might be tricky to sort out. The problem is that you are hearing the music exactly as it’s played on your keyboard, with whatever level for CC1 (the modulation control) that your keyboard is sending. Dorico simply echoes back whatever you play as quickly as possible, and it doesn’t translate the velocity of the notes you play into the dynamic level that you would hear during playback, which as you rightly point out uses modulation for some instruments. I’ll make a note to talk to Paul about this. In the meantime you could try loading one of the GM-flavoured sounds into HSSE rather than the HSO ones, or perhaps use the ‘HSSE (Elements)’ playback template while you’re inputting, as all of those sounds are velocity-controlled rather than modulation.