Low resolution PNG file (Dorico Elements 5)

Hello! I exported a score in .PNG/300 dpi and noticed that the image is in low resolution (pixelated). I exported the same score in PDF and the difference in quality between them is huge!

Why does this happen on Dorico? Did anyone have the same problem?

PNG is a bitmap format; PDF is (basically) a vector format. The whole idea of PostScript is to be resolution independent, so fonts and graphics render at the full resolution of whatever you’re viewing them on. So you can zoom in on a PDF of text and it never gets jagged.

It’s not an issue with Dorico. As another poster said, PNG is not resolution independent, it’s a raster file format, so it is intrinsically pixel based. Here’s some info:

What is your intended use case?

If you need the image in a format that can be used on the web or in social posts, but still high resolution enough, I suggest you use 600 dpi or more as resolution.
The resulting file will be quite big.

One tip: make sure that you save the PNG as a Color image, as that will have grey-scale shading, giving smoother edges.

If you save as Mono, it will be ‘binary’ black or white.

(Don’t forget to turn off the transparent background!)

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I exported the score in 300 dpi color as stated here and it worked, the image was not pixelated.

Thank you all for your help!