Low Shelf II

This is a tiny and picky whine, but does anyone actually use “Low Shelf II”? I use all the other settings and really like the Nuendo EQ, but that thing is just in the way. If there is something cool about it I’ve missed, please educate me, thanks!

Low Shelf II is the default and I use it quite a lot. Having the resonance around the target freq can certainly help a sound depending on what you’re trying to do.

I suppose I should fiddle with it some more, thanks.

I use only Low Shelf II. It is much more adjustable than Low Shelf I and you can shape much better the low end. And it sounds definitely more analogue than I.

I would never use anything other than a resonant filter for either HPF or LPF.
The Type II is useful particularly because of the little bump just past the cutoff frequency, which is of course exaggerated in Type III. I love the resonant shelves.

I use the type II high and low pass filters all the time and prefer to adjust the Q as needed (vs the type 1 filters).

The Low Shelf II on the other hand seems to encourage boost well outside the useful audio range. The type III and IV shelves work better for my tastes.

you have to fiddle around with Q, IMHP the LSII is a quite flexible shelf, I use it often - since V4 the eq sounds quite cool, I don’t know if something was modified again (beside GUI) but sometimes I can get results which I am not able to get with Sonnox/UAD… it depends.

Why is this?

Basically this avoids a “thin” low or top end because it boosts some harmonics - I am used to do this manually - cutting 78hz, boosting 156hz… but what about pure high-cuts? I do want a cut only here usually, no resonance. I ususllay use the Sonnox EQ for that.

Because I prefer the way the resonant shelves sound on the stock EQ, and for no other reason.

If I need a straight cut, I tend to fire up either the UAD Cambridge with a Butterworth 5 or EQuality as this one gives me 2 filters so I can use 2 gentle slopes, giving me the same end result as a single steep one but without the associated pitfalls.

Good to know. Gotta love the Cambridge!

Indeed - I still use this an awful lot, and it’s only serious rival for me is Dave Gamble’s EQuality…