Low Zone in it's Own [Monitor] All the Time

New to CB Pro 9. I have 2 monitors. I’d like to keep the low or lower zone in the 2nd monitor all the time. I am not certain how to do that.

I think, well hope, what I’m asking is clear - I have a picture attached as well.

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Click to the arrow in the right-top corner, to open the editor in the separated window. Then place the editor to the 2nd screen.

I would recommend you to change the preferences, to open the editor in the new window, while double-click.

Also saving and calling Workspaces would help to your workflow.

You can’t have the tab system anywhere but in the actual Lower Zone though.

Hi…I want the ENTIRE Low Zone - with the tabs (Mix Console, Wave or Active Editor, Chord Pads, and Sampler,) - in a separate monitor window.

HellooOOOoooooOOOoo - not everyone is running Cubase on a laptop. Not everyone is real estate needy. PLEASE… tell me they put more thought than this into a new version software release.

What I’m feeling here is uh, we need to make this product more suitable for uh, DJ and live performance…oh, and forget our existing customers?

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Just so you know, we’re not tech support, just fellow Cubase users that are trying to help.

The quick and dirty workaround I could think of is aligning your second monitor under the first one in the Windows display settings. Then you expand the project window downwards so the Lower Zone fills the second screen. Hacky, but if you desperately want this then it should work.

I would recommend to use Workspaces, which is even much flexible then just the tabs.

I agree this would be a good addition! The lower zone as a full screen second monitor option. Might be more efficient then all the floating windows/editors. A second monitor (or third I have three) that is a full screen mixer or editor and that follows your selection in the project window.

I think the new layout is designed for one large monitor with the eye to multi touch screen operation in the near future.

Putting bits of it on separate monitors would be getting away from this whole idea especially as this is provided for in others ways already


You are going to have to get used to sorting out your own Workspaces. Personally I can’t be doing with the lower zone as it does not fit in with the way I work. I use 3 monitors and it did take me a while to set a number of workspaces that suited me. However it has to be said that you will not get the Lower Zone in another window - close but not exactly. What was it the Stones used to sing? - “You can’t always get what you want.”

Of course you can! Just create a run lower zone (full screen) on separate monitor option.

The Lower Zone isn’t even really optimized for full screen. The Key Editor would no longer have the Inspector next to it. The mixer only has faders or inserts or sends, etc…

this is a common request.

There is a thread created for this request in the feature request/suggestion area on the form

Thank You!!