Lower Editor forgets contents on tab change, breaks workflow

When you change tabs in the Lower Zone and the Editor loses focus, it will forget which event(s) it was editing.

It acts as if the “window” was closed, but in a tab system you intuitively consider that changing tabs means you sending the current one to the background, not to close it.

With the full Editor window, if the window is sent to the background and then opened again then the content is still there. Instead you get the “No Editor Open” message, which serves no purpose.

Here is an example of this behaviour:

This does not happen with the full Key Editor:


Its when the events get de-selected in the Arrange window that the Lower Zone editor loses their contents - try it, you can just click to de-select, then switch tabs back and forth in the LZ, no need to touch anything (mixer fader or whatever).

With the main Key Editor, doesn’t seem to mind that you have de-selected the events; it continues to hold the contents when you re-focus back to work in that window (from doing something, anywhere else).

Issue persists in


I cannot reproduce this with Cuabse 9.0.30. Could you confirm it’s fixed, please?

I already re-confirmed it for 9.0.30.

It’s an inconsistency compared to the windowed editors:

With the Windowed Key Editor:
Lose the selection in the project, go to a different window and go back again: it’s still there.

With the Lower Zone Editor:
Lose the selection in the project, tab away and back again: it’s empty.

This is what I demo in the gif.

Interesting, I really cannot reproduce it with C9.0.30 and Lower Zone Editor. I tried with Cubase Pro and Cubase Elements.

Could you try Safe Start Mode?

I’ll try to re-record it in safe mode.

Reproduced in 9.0.30 while selecting “Disable Preferences” (Safe mode)

Lower Zone Editor forgets what the last selection was when going back:

Windowed Editor doesn’t forget what it was editing:

That is the inconsistency. Ideally both cases remember the last event(s).

Ok, now I see your “trick” and actually I wouldn’t consider this as a bug.

  • You do some edits in the editor.
  • You click to the Project window, so no MIDI event is selected.
  • Open MixConsole.
  • Open editor.

Now, no MIDI event is selected, so there is no content to be displayed. In the dedicated window it’s something else. You don’t change the window content,you just open another window and then back the editor. This also works in the Lower Time editor.

But I didn’t close the lower Editor, I just shifted focus to another tab and came back, just like I came back to the window. In a browser you don’t lose your old page either if you switch between tabs, unless you close it. And you can close the lower zone with the X, but I’m not doing that.

I get the way it’s programmed, but from a design aspect I consider it faulty behavior. There is no practical use for forgetting its old state, and the windowed editors don’t do this so it’s also inconsistent.

I do understand your point of view. But I have to say you didn’t “shifted focus to another tab and came back”. If you do this, then it works. What you did was to deselect the MIDI event. So actually even now, Cubase could show “No Editor Open” message, because you actively decided to don’t show the content of this MIDI event (by deselecting it).

As I said, I do understand your point of view. But I wouldn’t consider this as a bug. I would say, this is feature request (of course a valid one).

Because of the windowed editors I’m used to it not being a problem. This way you can make changes in the project without losing your editor selections.

+1 to fixing this problem. As described above, plus there’s another big annoyance. As soon as the dreadful “No Editor Open” text is visible, that window can’t be closed with the default keyboard shortcut W (for Key Commands / Editors / Open/Close Editor). So for example, when opening a new project, you might start with that unnecessary “No Editor Open” and can’t even close it with W.