Lower latency drivers & VST performance

I’m owner of Scarlett 8i6 sound card and interested in replacing it with 2nd generation 6i6 model.
Would new lower latency drivers bring less VST performance peak?
If I set new 6i6 exactly the same as older 8i6 - default ASIO BUFFER 10ms - will I get better VST performance?
General question would be if lower latency drivers bring better VST performance if set to some reasonable (medium,default) settings?

I don’t tend to use much of the direct monitoring feature, rather interested in squeezing more CPU power and using more VST plugins.

  • If someone could recommend any other card with best optimized drivers for VST performance, as I tend to use lot of demading plugins (effects, instruments, sampler etc…)

Thnx for your time & any input! :arrow_right: :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the particulars of this… I guess it stands to reason that if your drivers are more efficient you could squeeze a bit more performance out of your cpu, given that ASIO drivers that are shoddy or have compatibility issues can definitely undermine performance – that, I have experienced. However, if you’re not interested in monitoring, why not just set your buffer super high? That’ll let you cram more instruments into your sessions.

Frankly, Cubase already handles latency and plugins better than any other DAW I’ve used. Christ, the difference between Cubase and Studio One is like using a different processor. At least on my machine.