Lower Midi Patches Required for VST


I am looking to use a partular patch from Tapspace’s Virtual Drumline, though I am running into an issue of not having the correct midi patches available…

The instrument of interest is the Concert Percussion Combo, which would allow me to route a player with multiple instruments through one midi channel (assuming the percussion template is properly setup). As can be seen, even adjusting for the differences in Middle C, I would need notes below C1 (in Dorico) to get the bass drum roll sounds. Is there currently a way to solve this?

Entering C1, C0, C-1, C-2 or whatever is no problem.

Of the different options, I would create a custom instrument for each, with just the six key switches in a percussion map for concert bass drum for example. And then group the instruments into a reusable kit(s). it’s a little work, but way less complex to build it up from small pieces IMO. And there is nothing different about putting C1 versus any other note/keyswitch in the percussion map.

I’m guessing this is something you will use a lot? This way it’s a one time deal where you ever after just pay attention to the notation.

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You should create a percussion map relative to each of these instruments (which would live on their own staves). Then inside the percussion map you would route each articulation to the corresponding midi note. Inside percussion maps you can go all the way down to Midi 0 which in Dorico is C-1. Be aware that some libraries use a different specification for where middle C is, so you may need to test a few first and once you get it working, then you know how to program all the rest.