Lower the Virtual Keyboard octave to C-2

I am trying to change articulations in Spitfire using the Cubase Virtual Keyboard but the lowest I see I can go is C0. Is it possible to get down to C-2? Or any other virtual keyboard plugin that could help me get there? I don’t have the desk space to have my Komplete Kontrol keyboard and another keyboard strictly for articulations…

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The virtual “MIDI keyboard” (the view of the piano keyboard) goes down to C0. The “computer keyboard” view goes down to C-1. There is on way to get C-2, sorry.

Thank you Martin. Are you aware of any other VI plugins that could get me there?


Sorry, I’m not. Moreover the VSTis don’t send the MIDI data back to the track.

The only way, I can imagine, is to use the Input Transformer to transpose the incoming MIDI data.

Thank you Martin. Appreciate your guidance… I did open up the Input Transformer and loaded a Transpose preset, though it does not seem to do anything. I read the help topics as well. This is my setup attached. I did not change the preset for now just to see if it’s working or not, perhaps I’m missing a step.

Sorry it was silly but I seemed to miss the “power on” button besides Module 1.
I got it work! I can now switch articulations with computer keyboard use my KK M32 keyboard for actual playing, awesome :smiley:


Yes, the On button is tricky…

Sorry, why do you have the limes 2 and 3 in the Filter? And why do you transpose up?

Oh i was just testing with a preset already in Cubase. The picture is a Cubase preset. I changed it in mine to be -24 and got rid of the second and third rows in the filter area

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If you could manage that your hardware MIDI Controller would send the MIDI data on other MIDI Channel but 1, you could also add the following line to the filter:

Channel | Equal | 1

Then just the data from the On-screen Keyboard (which sends the MIDI data on the MIDI Channel 1) would be transposed.

Then you could add another Module, which would say, if the MIDI Channel is Unequal 1, set the MIDI Channel to Channel 1, so even the data from the hardware MIDI Controller would end up with MIDI Channel 1 in the track (if you need it).