Lower tone and slow down

I am looking to add some vocals to a track but the track is too high to reach for me.

I thought I could lower the pitch and recording the voice and then raise the picture afterwards.
In the good old days, this was pretty easy → time warp on any wav editor.
Slow the wav file down a couple of percent and the pitch drops.

Any way to do this in Cubase?


yeah… realtime transpose on the timeline is the easiest way. that does preserve the timing (at the expense of some fidelity loss, obviously.)

if you want the ‘tape way’, either choose the tape algorithm on the timeline and then ‘sizing applies timestretch’-stretch the vocals, or alternatively achieve the same using the offline audio > pitch dialogue.

the trouble with the ‘tape’ algorithms is, when you stretch an event, you don’t know the resulting pitch change in musically relevant values. it’s something i hope they implement… (so that you would be able to know you are ‘tape-slowing-down’ an event by, say, exactly 2 semitones; like in other daws).

Thanks for the reply. I have “LE AI Elements”. Clicked with the right mouse button on the timeline. Could you find the function.

Where do I need to click?
Does Elements have this function?

sorry with ‘timeline’ i meant ‘infoline’.

this is how to access it if it’s not visible by default.

(screenshot appears to be from cubase5 but it’s still the exact same.)

not sure about the feature set of Elements though, I’ve never used it.


And in the info line, where do I click to see “tape algorithm” ?