Lower Zone - (Completely) in New Window/Monitor

I’d like to see the lower zone be able to (optionally) sit and run in its own separate window or monitor - all of it/completely/all tabs, not the object editor.

For those using multiple monitors, and many home studio people do - this would dramatically improve the use of the lower zone and the workflow. It seems the lower zone was designed for those with a single monitor or laptop - and forget the rest of us.

I kind of see the positioning of the zones as being the next [almost like] workspace. You position the zones were you like them, and then save that off as a workspace. If you envision the zones like this, then let users move them (in their entirety) anywhere they want with the monitor or monitors they have - this would provide maximum flexibility.

Zone Restricted in Zambia


I really hope C9 was just phase 1 of the development of the zone concept and that they continue to add flexibility and additional functionality into the various zones. I also own Wavelab and it is much farther along with this, at this time.

The Lower Zone is not a complete window in and of itself, so this feature request should actually be for the midi and audio editors to incorporate the tabs at the bottom. It would, of course, be impossible to work in an editor that did not include the inspector, which is the case with the lower zone editors.

It’s understandable that someone new to Cubase would make the suggestion, since they do not understand the context of how windowing worked in Cubase before the addition of the lower zones.

As has been said, Workspaces are very configurable, and worth familiarizing oneself with.

I’m sure the zone features will evolve, in any case.