Lower Zone Editor Default to Midi Editor instead of Audio?

I am a composer working primarily within the box with virtual instruments and occasional recorded instrumentation. Occasionally I have the need to make large adjustments to instruments (changing key, moving things around, etc.) so I typically CTRL-A and open it in the lower zone.

My issue is this - if any audio happens to be selected, the lower zone editor will default to only showing the audio in the editor. To remedy I have to find the audio events that are selected and de-select them in order for midi to populate the lower zone editor. Is there a way to have the lower zone editor always default to showing midi events over audio events?

Surely there is something simple that I am overlooking! Thanks in advanced.

You could just do a track visibility preset to temporarily only show midi tracks. All audio tracks will temporarily be hidden, so you won’t have this problem anymore!

Of course, that’s a great idea! I should build all of that into a project logical editor preset that is triggered from a key command. Thank you!