Lower Zone Mixer - Hide Input Channels

When I open the lower zone mixer in the project window, it shows “all” my input channels (which is complete overkill and a waste of space). Is there a way to hide the channels I don’t need like in a dedicated main mixer window, when you can select Channel/Visibility on the left hand side and individually select what channels you want visible?

Thank you!

  1. Top left on the mixer, look for three dots. ( Show/Hide Mix Console Toolbar}

  2. Click the three dots then to open the Mix Console Toolbar

  3. CLick Set Channel Type Filter. It looks like a BOX on the toolbar that just popped up when you hit the three dots ( Show/Hide Mix Console Toolbar}

  4. UNCHECK the INPUT channels

Shanabit, thank you for the quick response. Sorry for not fully explaining my issue… what I am looking to do is keep 1 or 2 input channels visible (the specific ones I’m currently using) and hide the rest. Again, exactly like you can do in the MixConsole from the Channel/Visibility pane.

Thank you!!!

Do you want to temporarily hide them?

If you want them hidden for a whole project, then maybe create a Preset in Audio Connections window for the project that only uses a couple inputs.

Let me look

  1. Select the INPUT CHANNELS you want to HIDE
  2. Right click
  3. Channel Visibility Agents (Bottom of the list)
  4. Hide Selected Channels

Thee ya go

Thank you both for the responses. I was really trying to find the same functionality we have in the MixConsole - where you can easily select which input channels are visible. I just wasn’t sure if I was missing it.

Shanabit - I have tried that method, and the only downside is, how do you “unhide” channels. I just find it a bit cumbersome to hide and unhide channels as I need them.


Agreed. If you find a way let me know

Have you checked the Visibility tab in the Left Zone? (Right click on Inspector to enable if it isn’t visible)


You can also sync the MixConsole and Project Window visibilities.

That’s as close as he will get to what he wants IMO.

The MIXER Visibility is where its at as that is where your INPUT BUSSES will be showing anyway. You can HIDE or UNDO VISIBILTY CHANGE

There is no way to select an input buss directly and HIDE/SHOW unless you can do a key command for that?


  1. Go to Edit/KeyCommands
  2. Look for Channel & Track Visibility and click to open that
  3. Next look for Agents/Hide Select Channels and Tracks. Assign a Key Command for this. I used OPTION and the -.
  4. Next assign a key command for Agents/Undo Visibility Change
    I used OPTION and the + key.
  5. Click OK to close the key command window and voila. Exactly what you needed.

**Click on any track in the mixer or the arrange page as it will work in BOTH and hit your key commands. Works great here

@Shanabit - Thanks for all the input. The key command idea is very interesting and I will look to see if this comes in handy. But I think the best answer for what I am looking for is to dedicate MixConsole 3 to show/hide the channels I want and I will just use the “Sync Project and MixConsole 3” function. Still not ideal at all, but the best solution I have found thus far.

But I have to say, this really is on Steinberg. They give us all these mixers, incredible features and configuration options, they they somehow completely missed this particular functionality. It’s a shame.

Thank you everyone for your help.

You may want to look at WORKSPACES as well as they are like a snapshot of how you have everything on your screen.

@shanabit - True, I did play with that in versions back but I will give it a shot in 11.5 (what I currently use today), and version 12 once I have time.

But I will give you this as to what I’m after here… I have my studio and interface setup with most things hardwired into the interface (keyboards connected to specific inputs, bass, mics for vocals and what not, etc). Everything is there so I don’t need to reconnect things, levels are more less set and specific effects are already patched in-line. So, when I want to record acoustic guitar, I can “show” inputs 5 & 6, and I’m ready to go. If I want Vox, I will “show” the specific input channel. But I don’t need all the drum inputs, keyboards, etc.

I have done this for years with the standard MixConsoles (with a desktop and larger monitors) where space was never an issue. I have been trying to use the lower zone mixer (branching out!) and I just find it hard to navigate efficiently.

At the end of the day, if we simply had the same Channel/Visibility options with the Lower Zone Mixer as we do with the MixConsoles, that would be it, perfect! I appreciate everyone’s input and will continue to experiment, and hope for the lower zone mixer to get on par with the MixConsole.


I think the Lower Zone mixer is a rough and dirty type of thing so you don’t have to open the full mixers in Cubase. I agree with ya but hay, this is Steiny