Lower zone question

Hi all,

I saw a Cubase quick tip vid today which demo’d the Lower Zone settings and functionality etc.
I’ve never really used this so thought I might give it a try as I liked the “link project and lower zone editor cursors” aspect!

So when I open lower zone and click on an instrument track the relevant “link project and lower zone editor cursors” button is available and it does as expected when having a stationary cursor.

The problem is that when I click on an audio part, it opens in the lower window, but there is no “link project and lower zone editor cursors” button so the cursor in the lower zone is not aligned with the project window cursor?

Am I missing something here cos in the manual it talks about this being available for midi and audio??

I been searching the forums but couldn’t find anything about this so is it just me?

I’d be grateful if someone could shed some light on this for me!!

Thanks all,

Jim B


This feature is not available for the Audio Part editor.

Could you share the link to the online manual, where this is written, please?


It clearly states:

You can link cursors and zoom factors of the project zone and the Key Editor, Drum Editor, and the Audio Part Editor in the lower zone…

Audio Part Editor??

Jim B

I see, the manual is correct. You can do so in the Audio Part, but not in the Audio Event. If you open just one sample, then you open the Audio event. But if you glue multiple Audio Events to the Audio Part, then this option is available.


Well done Martin, you’ve manage to totally loose me within a few words!!

Why on earth would I want to glue multiple audio events to an audio part???

In my 'umble opinion, if the lower zone is open, the view and the way the cursor is synchronised when you click on a midi/instrument track should be the same when you click an audio part.

It doesn’t, and the way you use nomenclature to try to explain away the issue/failing is a great example of something we see in the UK.

Bull s***t baffles brains!!

Either it works or it doesn’t.

If this is not going to be ammended then I’m afraid I won’t be using it.


Jim B

Then I would say, it doesn’t work by design.

As you may noticed, the zoom mechanism works different in the Sample Editor, if you open the Audio event. You cannot zoom out more than the event length is. So you cannot see your Audio event in the context of the whole project in the Sample Editor.

I too would say the manual is misleading.

The manual says:
" You can link cursors and zoom factors of the project zone and the Key Editor, Drum Editor, and
the Audio Part Editor in the lower zone."

I found this message thread trying to make my audio sample editor link both time and zoom wise. I did find it in the manual but couldn’t see where to make the zoom link.

Here is my problem. I am trying to audio warp edit a bass track to the drums. I have a grid to use but the feel is 1/8 triplet. Thats all good in the project window but when you are in the audio sample editor there still is not an option to have triplets. This has been that way for years and it’s pretty ridiculous that we can not set the grid or snap in the audio editor to be the same as the main project window. :angry: I want all the same options but all I ever see are the basic ones. 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 etc…

Because of this lack of functionality I am forced to have to go up into the project window to snap the cursor to a triplet location so I can then see exactly in the sample editor where to place the warp position.

Am I going about this the wrong way?


Well, at least another Cubase Pro customer agrees with me, I though I was being over critical!!!

Anyone else think Steinberg have failed in this function?

Jim B


This is by design. Be aware about the differences between an Audio Event (what is your case, and the Link function doesn’t work with this) and Audio Part (which glues multiple Audio Events and works with the Link function).

Hmmm, it would be nice to be able to have Audio Events also editable and linked at the bottom.
I understand Martin’s comment that the current situation is by design BUT there seems reason that the design couldn’t be adjusted so that we can also edit Audio Events here. Would be most useful.

Maybe one for the Suggestions Forum for the future?

YES!!! Audio Events not Parts!
Zoom Link should be available for every editor especially the sample editor in the lower zone so you can warp/align easier.

YES. please make this a Suggestion!

So you can use them as if they were a single Audio Event when doing stuff like copy/paste. Very useful when you’ve cobbled together a line from multiple audio recordings.