Lower zone settings not saved


I always want to have the lower zone mixer and transport bar visible but with Cubase 10 they are always hidden when I open up a project even though they were visible when the project was saved. It is slightly slightly annoying having to open them up manually each time and resize them to how they were.

Anyone else experiencing this behaviour? Is it a bug or have I overlooked some setting? I’m running Cubase 10 Elements on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 PC with Windows 10.

Bump! Anyone else with this issue? Getting quite annoying now, it didn’t get fixed in the last maintenance update.

Probably related to this topic https://steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=148410

Yes, seems to be the same issue.Thanks for the notification.

So it’s an LE/AI/Elements thing. Let’s just hope there’s a fix on the way!