Lower Zone Transport Bar in windowed editors

If we open midi editor (and audio editor too) in a separate window, it would be nice to have the lower zone (with transport buttons and the other buttons) in the midi editor window too.

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I have changed the title to use the correct terms in Cubase.

some extra buttons would be nice in that midi editor.

but the transport panel can be visible all the time right under the lower zone. it is basically is in the window, you just can’t choose to have it at the top of the window.

In the midi editor as separate window there isn’t a lower zone (with transport buttons and other buttons like in Project window). You can resize the midi editor window, of course, so you can see the lower zone of the Project window below. But if you click on the buttons of that lower zone the “on top” window switch to the Project (and the editor page goes background). So in facr that lower zone is unusable.

IMO, don’t use lower zone transport, yet. Just use the floating F2 traditional transport.


Me too. And most of the time, I use the Key Commands anyway.

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LOL, come on Martin, make them work. :smiley:

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Yes of course, I use traditional floating f2 transport too. And I put it in the bottom of the screen, just were we can see the lower zone of the project window in background. So, why don’t put it directly in the editor window, in its lower zone?!

One of the posts was edited – a question was asked about which transport people used. So now the thread doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, lucatron is making the request for having a Lower Zone Transport Bar available in the midi and audio editors.

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I’ve just voted for Lucatron’s request. I also hope for a full lower zone transport bar in every Midi editor “opened in a separate window”: key editor, score editor, list editor and drum editor .

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Indeed that is what the votes are for, I’ll take this opportunity to remind –

Thanks Steve, not sure what you mean, I already knew that, anyway I confirm that for me it’s an important feature request

(Sorry, the “reminder” was meant for all but you!)

My request to tackle this issue is making the F2 transport stick on bottom of the screen then limit maximization of all the window to preserve the area.
It can be done with just a little addition to the code instead implementing the zone system to all the windows that takes so much effort and time.
And that is how the original cubase on Atari worked.

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That would work quite well (as long as it includes the toolbar options like right and left dividers so things can stay centered, more or less.)

Indeed, that would be the best solution. Thanks

I had already posted this feature request in January:

I myself would like this bar for the editors (especially MIDI and drum editors). The docked editors of the lower zone are too small for me on the laptop, so I prefer to use the old editors in full-screen mode. In this case, however, the transport bar in the project window is no longer useful.

Additional note: The F2 transport bar is not a solution for me because it always hides something important in the full-screen-editor window.

I am saying the other way round is much better and simple.
It doesn’t hide anything if full-screen-editor window does not cover the F2 transport, and that’s what I am asking.
If you go another route, by making zones in editors and other windows, you will have to implement it for every existing windows and it never ends. You will see many transport zones if windows are not maximized and so on. It will never be an elegant solution.

But if you just limit the full screen height and stick the transport on bottom, it will always be visible on screen, will never covers anything else.
And this is possible in Windows API just by a few lines of C++ code.

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Indeed, that would be a good solution to the problem.

This sentence referred to the current situation

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