Loyalty Program to Purchase Dorico

Why is there no loyalty program for Customers that have Cubase Pro to purchase Dorico at a cheaper price? Cubase Pro is expensive enough and Dorico isn’t cheap either. There really should be a discount for Cubase Pro customers.

I don’t know what the official answer is, but the logical answer, as far as I can tell, is that Steinberg offers crossgrade pricing to tempt users of competing software. Cubase and Dorico do quite different things - they don’t compete with each other.

It’s not competing with themselves. If you look at companies like Cinematic Studio, their packages are $399, but also still offer a loyalty discount of 30% on any future products if you just own 1 of their products, which never expires. I wish more companies would follow this direction. It’s a nice way to say thank you to the loyal customer base that might have been supporting you for many years over multiple products.

benjamin, to save money, there might be a notation software that crossgrades to Cubase Pro :smiling_imp:

There are offers to crossgrade from Sibelius and Notion. I did both to have two licenses (mobile with soft license and home with dongle).

Hahaha thanks :smiley:

Thanks, I’ll check this out. I’m really enjoying Dorico Pro 2 trial so far. The approach to writing, with the Play Section is just miles ahead of other notation apps.