Lua Script Module: External editor not accessible

I have the following problem in HALion 7:
Although I have activated the “External Script Editor” button in the options and entered the path to an editor, I cannot use it.

When I click the e-button in the Lua Script Module, only the internal editor opens.

Unfortunately, the internal editor misses many important functions for writing program code.

Hi @P.A.T

External script editor works with exterrnal script files that are saved somewhere on your computer. It should also display the path to the script file next to the e button. From your screenshot it looks like you are using internal script. Try to save the script first.

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Hi @misohoza ,
thank you for the clarification!
I have now found the relevant note in the manual.
Unfortunately, the section on Lua scripting is not described in detail in the manual, and misunderstandings can easily arise here.

An example of the misunderstanding:
According to the manual, the choice of internal vs. external editor determines whether the Lua script becomes part of the script module or is referenced.

However, I have found that loading a saved lua file generally results in referencing, regardless of whether the internal or external editor has been selected in the options.

This means that only manually copying the Lua code into the internal editor and an empty “Script Source File” field ensure that the script becomes part of the script module.

My wish would be to generally enable the use of the external editor, regardless of whether the script is part of the module or is referenced.
A function that triggers the transfer of a referenced script to the script module (i.e. removes the referencing) would also be helpful.