LUFS - Has Cubase 12 changed how they are read?

Hello Cubase users. I’m having issues with the LUFS meter in Cubase 12.
When mastering a file, I always set my output level to about -14 Integrated LUFS. I’ve done this for years now. So, if I look back at my old tracks, I know they were mastered to about -14 ILUFS.
But since updating to Cubase 12, I find that tracks I previously mastered to -14 ILUFS are now displaying as +9 ILUFS.
In addition, I find that the LUFS meter has now changed. I don’t remember what its ceiling was before (-10 LUFS?). But now it seems to be +9 LUFS.
So it looks like the LUFS measurement and meter have both changed a lot.
However, it doesn’t look like there is much change to the output. When I import a wav file to my video app, then compare the wave form of an old Cubase 11 audio (mixed at -14 ILUFS) with the same song in Cubase 12 (+9 ILUFS), they look the same.
Does anyone know what is happening here?

It sounds like you switched your meter from LUFS to LU. Click the gear icon to change your settings, or click the orange “LU” button next to the power button.

Thanks, @Romantique_Tp
I did do that. Thanks for the pointer.