LUFS Loudness Metering

Is there a Loudness Meter using LU/LUFS metering in Cubase Artist 11? I’m sorry, I really would like to use the tool, but I’m afraid it isn’t available in Cubase Artist. Am I correct? Someone, please prove me wrong and direct me!

That appears to be a Pro only feature. See the Mixing section here

I’d expect KVR has a few free Loudness Meters in its plug-in database

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Hi @Broadway,

there’s a free VST plug-in called “Youlean Loudness Meter” which also has that very useful continuous measurement function (a free and a “Pro” version, there are functional differences in terms of number of presets, customization, additional dynamics graph, graphics export).

You could also try this one, before you decided to change to a Cubase Pro license (which I’d recommend anyway, any time).



Thanks, Markus. Good info. Didn’t think, wasn’t sure, now I know! Incidentally, in my research today, first one I came across was the Youlean. Quite impressive. Waves has one similar, but I kind of like the Youlean environment, it’s how I found Sonimus plugins. Anyway, thanks again and I’ll also consider the Pro license!

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Hi @Broadway,

thanks so much for the solution credits, much appreciated!

I did use an earlier version of Youlean LM for quite a while, but then I was happy to find something similar after a Cubase Pro feature update.

Anyway, both ways are a great to do the loudness editing in a more sensitive way.