Lute tablature

When will it be possible to create, with Dorico, tablature for lute like the image below?

Welcome to the forum, rober-to. We do plan to add lute tablature in future, but it’s not something that we are actively working on at the moment.

Implementation forecasts?
Thank’s Daniel!
Roberto from Turin (Italy)

Ciao Roberto!
Since you seem to be new to the forum, let me bring you this piece of bad news… We do not know anything about when which feature will be implemented, unless Daniel has specified it. And, as a good worker who knows his job very well, he would not unveil such information, up to the point he really knows it will make it in the next update, unless he decides this is going to be a “surprise feature” (which, admittedly, I do love).

I don’t think there is too much Kremlinology required to combine “we are not actively working on it” and “the next minor update us probably around the end of this year” to get “The earliest date is probably the middle of 2020, but it might not happen then”.