Lutoslawski-style repeat structures?

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to make Lutoslawski-style repeat structures, where one instrument plays a repeated pattern independently of the other instruments (indicated by repeat barlines that occur only in that instrument)? Thanks!

Yes. Shift-B, type colon-pipe ( : | without the spaces), Alt-Enter.

Hmm… the barlines appear across all staves, not on one single staff. What am I missing? (Thanks for your help!)

the staff probably needs to already have an independent time signature in place (created with alt-enter as well) …

Lutoslawski was an unknown to me. Googled his stuff. Interesting.

I couldn’t find a good example score (I didn’t look too hard…) but I believe this is what you mean (see attached).

Fratveno was correct that an independent time signature is needed for that stave. The good news is you can alt-enter a time signature that is the same as other staves so even though Dorico thinks of it differently it looks the same.

FWIW, I think there’s some room for improvement here on Dorico’s part. I think a regular barline should line up with the outermost part of the repeat barlines (correct me if I’m wrong). The default doesn’t look so great on the second repeat marker.