LUZ (guitar)

LUZ (2022) is a new version of Luz de la Luna (1993).
Fender Stratocaster Elite
PRS Custom 24
Cubase 9 Vintage Drum Kit

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Your playing style and tone reminds me a lot of Esa Pulliainen. Esa Pulliainen - Mrs. Robinson (instrumental)

Great guitar tones. Is that the Strat in position 2? Enjoyed very much, as I always do.

Thanks, most guitar parts with Strat pu middle/neck.
But this sound is only with Strat Elite (2005).
The intro with PRS Custom 24.
Bass and Drum (vintage kit) are new.
All with Cubase 9

Could not get more classy than this…beautiful.

Please, say it again.

NIce track that moved along well with the images in the video. Just curious if that was a real bass, or a synth bass. There wasn’t much attack on it, so I’m guessing it was synth. Sharing the idea that a really nice fretless bass (a real one) would sound good on this.

Fretless Bass GM 036 (personal setting) with Flanger and EQ 330 Hz + 6dB
I have a photo of the Flanger setting but uploading don"t work.

I try it again. But a real bass is always better.

Great guitar recording. You know how to dial in a great tone and capture it in a recording.