LV slur recurring on line below

Hi, I have an issue with an l.v. slur which appears not only where I want it (attached to the notes - hurrah) but also on the staff vertically below.

I’m not allowed to upload the project or an image at the moment as I’m brand new.

In case it helps:

  • it’s a harp part
  • it only happens in the part, not the score
  • it is on a chord, all notes in the chord, and turning the lv slur off on one note is reflected in the number which recur on the staff below
  • I’ve only upgraded to Dorico Pro today, this was originally inputted in SE, so I am totally confident I did nothing in engrave mode before this occurred
  • if I force a system break to move the bar below the repeated lv slur disappears
  • if I turn off the lv slur and turn it back on again the repeat reappears too
  • there are no notes at the same pitch as the lv slur notes in the bar where the repeat is
  • the lv slurs are not on the last note of a voice (or the first)

Any suggestions very welcome, thank you!


Hi @r4raz. Hopefully a mention and a like will get you into the “trusted user” category and you can post. Maybe try to post the file in a reply?

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Thank you! Brilliant! I had been browsing the forum before I made a login… if only I’d done it the other way about…

Selection of project attached, thank you. Seasons Whisper lv slur issue.dorico (582.7 KB)

@r4raz, welcome to the forum.
Occasionally an errant mark on the screen will disappear when the screen redraws, whether as the result of a layout change or a Dorico restart. Thanks to the care taken by the Development Team, this does not occur often, but when you see it, a redraw or restart may be the first thing to try in order to fix it.

Did you shut down and restart the computer as has been suggested in the past?

I have shut the computer down and restarted since I noticed this issue, but not since Pro upgrade. I will do so and report back, thank you.

I’m not seeing any unusual behavior. If a restart doesn’t fix it for you, can you point to a specific measure where it occurs?

I do note that you’ve created more voices than you really need, so you’ve encountered the “Orange voice problem.” Perhaps you inadvertently had selected all the notes in a chord?

There was a bug that would cause orphaned laissez vibrer ties to draw on a later system that was fixed in Dorico 3.5.10. Perhaps you’re still running 3.5.0, @r4raz? If so, please download the Dorico 3.5.10 update from here.

Thanks Daniel! It has disappeared now, so a restart seems to have been the answer.

Thanks Derrek, it has resolved now so restart may well have been the solution!

Hi Dank, I wonder if you were looking at the score rather than the harp if you couldn’t see the issue? Thank you for getting back to me - I’m interested in your thing about the voices though - I needed up and down on each staff so I’d’ve thought two voices per staff would be minimum and I don’t think I have more than that? But we are looking at my first ever page in Dorico here so please do educate me! Should I have been using three voices across the two staves and moving the noteheads across the staves instead? And what is the ‘Orange Voice Problem’? Sounds alarming…

If you select individual notes, you should be able to see what voice they belong to displayed in the status bar (bottom left of the window). e.g. bar 15, top staff - those blue notes are in “Up-stem voice 2” where maybe Up-stem voice 1 would be sufficient. Voices are per-staff, so there’ll be an up-stem voice 1 for the top staff independently of the up-stem voice 1 on the bottom staff.

If you want to change the voice of a few specific notes, you can do that following these steps.

Oh dear, spoke too soon! Issue has reccurred, in bar 72 / 77. I have done a fresh restart of the computer and it has stuck around this time. Daniel I am doing the 3.5.1 update once it has downloaded so will come back if it’s still a problem. Lille I’m sorry but I think I’m missing something from your post - when I select one of the blue notes it says in the status bar that it’s Up stem Voice 1 - I’ve cycled the chord through several voices to see if that helps but it doesn’t - is that what you were suggesting or have I misunderstood?

I was looking at bar 15, bottom system of the first page, octave Cs.

Yes that shows as Upstem voice 1 for me - weird that it’s different for you!

Ah, it looks like you’ve changed a few things since you posted your project earlier in the thread. Ignore that comment then :grin:

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