Lynx E44 Ins Not Working

No clue if this even goes here or on the forums. Saw some other posts about Lynx hardware, so here I am. New computer, Windows 11, and new Lynx E44 soundcard. Its Ins are not working. Everything else seems to be good to go, audio’s getting out but not coming back into the computer. On an older computer with the same setup and signal path, albeit different OS and different soundcard, everything came up aces. I’m clueless. Any thoughts?

Sound like a question for Lynx… I would try installing the driver again first but you have probably already done that. I use AES 16Es and the accompanying driver/mixer. Is that what the E44 uses? If so, have you checked the Lynx mixer to trace the signal path?

Yeah, I have the question into Lynx, but I’m antsy. I think the mixer is the same, more or less, yes. I’ll retrace the signal path again, but it’s not like you can get that hugely wrong. Or, maybe you can. The card failed the “loop test,” which would mean something, somewhere is wrong, but, seriously, what’re the chances of a faulty card?

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Hopefully Lynx will get it sorted. In my experience they provide the best customer support in the business (including Manley which is pretty good too).