Lynx reliability?

Hi gang.

I’m about to buy an Aurora 16. There’s a used one available for $2200. For $3k I can get a 2 year warranty from Sweetwater. Has anyone had any repair issues at all with Lynx units?


I’ve had an Aurora 16 for years without any problems. They do get HOT and must be well ventilated. If the previous owner didn’t have in ventilated well, could this cause problems? I don’t know. If the extra $$$$ would help you sleep better and you have it, I would suggest spending it on the warranty.

You could post over in Lynx’s forum too to get an idea.

Thanks! I actually found a bundle that includes the 4 analog snakes (Lynx brand) for $3k - it would only be the normal 1yr warranty but figure I’d have to buy the snakes anyway, I’m thinking I’m going to go with new.

Appreciate the feedback! Good to know about the temp too.

I don’t know your particular setup, but something worth considering is a Redco tt/db25 patch bay.

Here, I run all outboard and the tt bay lets me patch and chain any way I want to. It takes a dsub to dsub cable then your dsub to xlrs to it for your gear. You change the norms on it as well if you want connections open or have them just go through closed connections until you want to interrupt the flow.

Thanks :slight_smile:. I’m actually running 1/4" balanced bays that I bought from Redco. The good ones they order from the UK. I have them fully normalled which is cool since they act as a splitter. I’ll sometimes mix shows in my studio and this allows me to use the studio pres for recording and the feed to the live mixer.

Ideally I would have REDCO just make me TGI dsub to 1/4" balanced, but if the Lynx snakes are free? I already have mogami 1/4 " to Xlr in both directions so I can just connect them to the Lynx snakes.

Been running the Lynx for a while now - no problems whatsoever running the ADAT out to my FF800.