Lyric entry delay problem

I have been encountering a problem when entering lyrics in Dorico - even in galley view. I am a fast touch typer, and when I advance on to the next note to enter the next syllable, either using the space bar or a hyphen, I often beat the popover in my typing and so Dorico misses out parts of the text I am typing. There is a momentary delay in the popover advancing to the next note. I have had to slow to a deliberate pace, which is a shame as it is delaying my workflow. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?

Lots of people have reported this in the past ( for example) and there isn’t yet a solution.

I’m still seeing some inertia between syllables in Dorico 2.1.10/20. I’m sure the team know, but after I press hyphen or space, the old popover still remains active for a fraction of a second, and the next syllable ‘falls’ into it before it is cleared.

However, the extent to which this happens seems (perhaps subjectively) to vary: same document, same computer, but it feels faster today. A restart doesn’t seem to help (in fact the document’s been open all night). It’s a 4-core i7 machine, so shouldn’t be taxed too much. I’m typing at c. 30 wpm, so quite slowly.

Actually: i’m seeing differences within the document itself. Smaller flows are faster, and staves at the top of the system are faster than ones lower down.

Although we can’t necessarily improve the speed with which Dorico is able to close the lyric popover on one note and then open it on the next, we have for the next update at least found and fixed the problem whereby one or two characters typed in that twilight zone inbetween could get lost, so I hope you will find that even if your input is ahead of Dorico, all of the right lyrics will appear in the right places without anything going missing.

Awesome. I am in awe of the speed at which you guys work. Show-stopper bugs in Dorico are few and far between, and any significant flaws are quashed by timely updates. This, on top of the regular release of new features and methods which more than match our expectations.

This is a welcome improvement for which I’m very grateful. Thank you.

Yeeeeeesssss ! Thank you, I cannot wait for this feature !!! Thank you, the team !

This announcement does make me cheer :slight_smile:
thank you (and it’s not christmas yet - even if one can already buy the ginger bread stars…)

Oh,that’s good news indeed. I’ve often lost the beginning of lyric syllables, even when entering them rather slowly. Yay!