Lyric extender line issue (percussion sticking)

I ran into a small issue, that doesn’t work as I think it is supposed to.

I have some percussion parts (with tied notes) with stickings. On the tied notes, it puts the lyric extender line.

According to the last line of this, the right arrow should not put the extender line.

The right arrow in this example did NOT work as I expected. The extender line occurred no matter what I did.

I had to cut the tie, add the lyrics, skip the note I needed to, and then add the tie back in.

Am I misunderstanding something?


You can also select an R on a single note and Alt-click to the first of the tied notes.

I think many would agree that stickings is not a type of lyric, and it would therefore not make much sense to input them as lyrics. Instead, I’d recommend inputting the stickings as Playing Techniques, since they, you know, are in fact playing techniques. :wink:

Inputting these is fairly easy; simply select your desired note, invoke the Playing Technique popover (shift+P) and type either ‘l’ or ‘r’ into it followed by Enter. You could also input the remaining ones by “alt-clicking”, like described above by @Mark_Johnson.

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I’ve been working on a hymnal project for a client where we didn’t want extender lines. (We needed to copy the original source). The way you did it is the only way I’ve been able to find out how to avoid the lyric extensions being on tied notes.