lyric extension line and tie after repeat ending

Dear users and developers,

What is currently the best way to draw a lyric extension line?

The original piece is Donau of Strauss:
Screenshot 2020-01-19 12.18.53.png
I have drawn

  • the ties by using “laissez viber tie” with changing “Start offset” and “End offset” and
  • the lyric extension line by typing “_” into lyric popover.

Have I done correctly?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, that’s really the best way at present.

As I was looking for a solution regarding the second issue here (about the lyric extension line), I found this question. However, I’m afraid typing an underscore in the lyrics pop-over will get you a curved elision instead of a straight line. Since I found a solution for this issue on another question, I’ll share it here as well.

I believe the best way right now to get a lyric extension line for a single note at the beginning of a second ending is by using Shift+x while the note is selected, typing an underscore and then changing its position in Engrave Mode.

I do hope the issues with second endings will be solved someday, though, and we won’t need this kind of workarounds.

There’s little doubt these will be solved eventually; hopefully these issues can be addressed during the 4.___ cycle of updates.

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