Lyric font

Obviously I’m not good yet at finding where to change things - is there a place to change lyrics font/size …?

Engrave menu, Font Styles.

It’s worth spending a bit of time going through the menu for each mode (setup/write/etc), and looking at the dialog if it’s not obvious what a menu option dies.

ok … sorry for a question with a somewhat obvious answer … :wink:

Don’t worry about it. If you develop a “reputation” for asking sensible constructive questions, people don’t mind answering them, even if they are “obvious when you already know the answer”.

Did Meixner ever get an answer to his q about lyric font size, coz I cant see an answer? Apparently he was only told to look harder. And, frankly, I cannot find any way at all to select all lyrics or to change their font size or adjust their line height. (And I’ve looked for hours.) And, frankly again, the Operation Manual is a real let-down. Why is there not an entry in the index that says Lyrics → Adjust font size.

Once you are in Engrave mode, you can adjust the Lyrics font via the font menu

Dear k_b, Thanks, got that now. How do I move one line of lyrics up or down?

You can adjust the minimum lyric baseline offset for an entire layout in Engraving Options, but as for a single line? I think that is hard wired (automatically calculated).

For clarity, once you’re in Engrave mode, lyrics can be adjusted by:

  1. Selecting (from the main menu): Engrave > Font Styles…,
  2. Then, in the Edit Font Styles window, click the menu and select Lyrics Font.