Lyric formatting

Dorico for my needs has finally been brought to its knees…by an h-underline my client needs for Russian transliteration. Unless I’m missing something with v. 3.5.

My temporary workaround will be to use Apple Preview to manually insert graphical underlines where I need them (only two spots, I think).

I’m with you, and looking forward to more lyric options… but just add a text object, underline it, turn off collision avoidance, and move it into place!

This might help: Diacritics and other strange text - #11 by PjotrB

Yes, there’s also a precomposed ẖ in Unicode: codepoint U+1E96. Alternatively: type h followed by ̠ (U+0320): h̠
(Note that the default font on this forum doesn’t have this character. On my screen it’s displayed in a sans-serif typeface. This may also happen in your preferred lyrics font).