Lyric hyphen settings

For lyric hyphens I usually set a minimum gap and space of ¼ space, as a larger value can push lyric syllables too far apart for my taste. Unfortunately I often also get a gap between syllables with hyphens stuck to the inside edge of each syllable, which I really don’t like. It reminds me a little of the way one had to get hyphens in old music notation programs. Is there setting which prevents this but still allows lyrics with hyphens to be close together if necessary?

You might get better results if you also fiddle with the next two settings (Gap between hyphens and Allow gap between hyphens to be compressed by…)

I second Leo’s idea; but in a pinch don’t forget you can also adjust the handles of the hyphens in engrave mode if it’s just here or there. Systematic issues will definitely need to be addressed in the settings as I’m sure you already know.