Lyric hyphens on iPad

I’m having trouble inputting a hyphen over multiple notes in lyric input. The first hyphen goes in okay and if I type another syllable it correctly hyphenates the lyric. But if I try to type a second hyphen it turns into a long “—“ hyphen and then replaces the syllable I had just written when either pressing another hyphen or the space bar.

My work around currently is to input without a melisma then shift the lyric along the grid to the right.

For what it’s worth, I am running the latest public beta of iPadOS 15.

Try turning off Smart Punctuation in Settings > General > Keyboards. Not ideal, as you probably want that to happen in other applications (to say nothing of curly quotation marks), but I think that’s why the lyric hyphenation is messing you up.

That did the trick - thanks! I can deal with it for the time being. On the plus side now I can very easily make a series of tick marks without those darn curly apostrophes getting in the way. ||:’’’’|’’’’|’’’’|’’’’:||

ahah except the Steinberg forum corrects me anyway