Lyric / Leadsheet recovery from OS9 needed

Help! I had long forgotten about music for a play I was working on, originally from Cubase VST for OS9, then saved on my previous PPC Mac in SX. I have the music in both file types. I had lead sheets with lyrics on those cubase cpr files. When I opened the SX files with C4.5.2 - the lead sheet is there, but the lyrics are gone. It’s 7 songs. The lyricist passed away and his family asked me to make lead sheets of the songs, just for sentimental value.

If anyone could help me recover the lyrics it would be greatly appreciated. Any form, even if it is just words on a page, or print outs of the lead sheets from the original files… I can send either VST or SX files - since they are midi, the the file size is small. I gather there is no way to open a cpr, even in Mac OSX Text edit, to view the lyrics, or any other way that I can recover the lyrics on my own… Even if I get the lyrics as words only, I can re- enter them into the lead sheets.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated…

PS: I don’t have a PPC Mac- I’m running 10.7.5 on an Intel Duo machine. Sorry I left that part out. I read the Sticky about installing SX to import VST songs, but I can’t tell if the VST to SX translation will also import the lyrics on the lead sheets, too. That’s the point…


Well, since the mods are not responding, Let me ask this Question: If I open a VST .all file in OSX with SX3, on either Mac or PC XP will the lyrics still be imported and remain lined up with the melody notes? If this is a yes, I will go out and buy a PPC Mac just to recover the lyrics for the family. But —

I’m going to gripe here: I have been a Cubase user since it was sold in a pool house on Strathern, by Steinberg - Jones… On an Atari 1040, yet. I have been through all of the revisions, moving to Mac and then to Score, then VST. I am no greenie to Cubase…I am not asking for the moon, I understand this is minor, but surely the mods could step up and help with this. At most, simply doing the conversion and sending me pdf’s of the charts.

Hi, I’ll try to help.

If you zip a couple of the .all files, and attach them to your reply here, I’ll try to run them through SX 3 on my Windows machine and and see if that if that works. PM them to me if you prefer.

Much appreciated and thanks for helping. Details in the File Comment…
PS- eps files will do great, too… (167 KB)

A few things:
SX converted songs don’t have the lyrics in them, neither in the lead sheets nor in the note pad. I bought an old PPC Mac and got it going again - had to install OS 10.4, Cubase SX, old eLicenser. That’s when I found out the the lyric loss happens in SX.

AT least I was able to open SX and the SX - converted .cpr files. But I found my old ext. HD that has VST Cubase and VST .all files on it, including ones I need lyrics to. BUT, I have to go back and install OS9 on the PPC to open it.

I really hope there won’t be an authorization issue with VST. I am also going to see if I can open the .all files in text edit and see if the lyrics are there in data form. Plans are to export .eps of all pages. That’s what started the problem- I thought that an eps export would be all pages, ala pdf, but it is not - it is one page at a time. Pretty arcane stuff.

But of there is a mod here or someone who knows this ancient stuff, a little advice would be appreciated…

Where are the .all files? I saw you had uploaded them, but now when I come back (on my computer with SX3 installed) I see they are gone.

Try this - these are VST OS9 files…
Sorry for the confusion… (285 KB)

Sorry to say, no lyrics found when opening with Cubase SX 3.

Thanks for trying, anyway - I think I will have to go all the way back to OS9 to get the lyrics. At least I have VST on the hard drive, but No OS9.

Have you sent a support request about this? I don’t know if they have an OS9 machine still, but it might be possible. Sorry for your headache!

No I haven’t sent a support request, but I’ll give it a try… Thanks again… F7 :slight_smile: