Lyrics, a minor issue

When I have a long sillable on a short note (it happens in italian) at the end of a system, there’s not enough place left for the hyphen. (See the first system of the attached exemple)
I’ve tried fiddling with the global parameters in Engraving Options with no results.
Of course I can manually drag the positions in Engrave Mode. But if there is a global setting it would be preferable.
Thank you very much in advance for any suggestion.

I find changing the Justification of that syllable in the Properties panel is easier.

This has been reported and we hope something will be done about this in the future. I still do quite a bit of manual justification, especially for lyrics under dotted rhythms, and having macros speeds up the process considerably. I believe you do have to add the sequence in one of the json files.
P.S. PLEASE don’t beam to lyric syllables! :wink:

Indeed. I assumed it was recit (as I’m currently doing loads of that), but otherwise the notes should be beamed to the rhythm.

I even beam to beats when notating recits, and when I have to play recits from scores which beam to the syllables, I have the tendency to write in beaming above the notes. It helps me to order the groups and to identify different note values at a glance. How often have I had to remind singers that even in recits there should be a difference between 8ths and 16ths (for example), especially when juxtaposed. Unbeaming accentuates their similarity of appearance, especially since proportional notation is usually severely compromised.