LYRICS (Ability to enter text by drag and drop)

Good afternoon. Entering text into the program is a very tedious and time-consuming event. What I would like: there are a huge number of free text files in the .lrc format on the Internet, which are already synchronized in time with the song. It would be great to be able to simply drag and drop such files onto the LYRICS window. Eo will make the job a lot easier. I apologize for the machine translation, best regards, Andrey.

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Hi @Andrey_Katerinskiy,

good one. We’ll try to get this one as soon as possible.

See you,

Thank you!

Hi @Spork , in-line editing in Lyrics editor would be also lovely. Meaning by click where Lyrics editor playhead is to add text and ability to edit also inline by double click.

Currently for adding new line: mouse up to + sign, enter text in pop-up window, click OK.
for editing, double click, tiny upper field gets focus to edit. Would be lovely in-line editing in the future. Is it planned?
Regards, F

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Editing and entering text is quite well done in the MiniLyrics program. It would be nice to implement this in VST Live))