Lyrics and grace notes

Apologies if a) this has already been brought to your attention b) or I’ve missed some, already implemented, solution.

I’ve just entered the lyrics into a late Baroque aria - the vocal line includes many appoggiatura and some acciaccatura. When leaving a regular note and moving to another one, preceded by a grace note, the carat attaches itself to the grace note. Easy enough to advance the carat one step further, but unfortunately this then results in an unwanted lyric extension line. Slightly less of an issue with ‘mid word’ hyphens. I wonder if there is, or could be, an ‘avoid grace notes’ option.

I noticed that behaviour too and did not write anything here, so I am glad you did. I think it is not normal that those grace notes get the precedent lyric extension line. I have never ever seen that. You can give those grace notes hard spaces as text (shift+alt+space) so that no extension line is written, but that really is a workaround.

I might have another line extension related problem, which I show in the picture. In the half notes which lyrics are “oie” and “et”, I don’t think there should be an extension line. I understand I must have input (honestly, I do not remember) a half note with force duration, but there should not be that line, I think. I remove them in engrave mode.
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Ian, you can use right arrow to advance the caret past the grace note positions without creating an unwanted lyric extender line.

Marc, if those notes were shown as half notes at the point at which you input the lyrics, then I don’t know how Dorico could have created an extender line there. You can also remove the line by changing the ‘Syllable type’ property in the Properties panel, though this will also change the alignment of the lyric, so you would also need to change the ‘Lyric alignment’ property too.

Daniel, thank you very much. Just given it a go. I thought there must be a solution lurking somewhere! It’s now beholden upon me to remember to do it of course.



I am struggling with exactly this. Has something already happened with this issue, or is some kind of “skip grace notes” setting for lyrics coming in the future? While I am at it, a setting for “always slur grace notes” would also be great.

It’s just a matter of pressing the right arrow key, why should an exception be hardcoded into the software, in effect curtailing flexibility for something so minor?

Sorry - but this is quite an important issue for me. I have very rarely come across lyrics attached to grace notes in all my years as a professional singer. The times when it would be appropriate to do so are rare, so it seems strange that it is the default behaviour in Dorico (it isn’t in Sibelius). As Elaine Gould says “The traditional approach is to align the text with the full-sized note. However, especially in complex music, it is clearest to align the text exactly where is is to be sung.” Makes sense to go with normal usage I would have thought?

Also, where slurs appear in vocal parts, it would be good if lyric input recognised them like it does with ties.

Dear Basso,
I politely do not agree with your last sentence : although the slurs are usually used to emphasize the fact that the syllable is the same (as for ties), they’re also used like for any instrument. I am quite happy to have the ability to input my lyrics even if there are slurs without having to left arrow to correct an automatic behavior.

+1 Marc


I have engraved numerous snare drum solos that had lots of grace notes, and I was having to work very slowly inputting lyrics (stickings) by hitting enter after each note proceeding a grace note. And then re-entering the lyric popover to create lyrics further downstream. It really was slowing me down. I just tried this, and it works like a charm!!!

This behavior is awesome!!!


Well, Robby, it’s just logical. You want to go further on the right, press the right arrow :wink: