Lyrics collide in cues

Taking the liberty to add this thread: Lyrics collide in my cues. Layout not locked, no brakes (couldn’t upload the flow: “save error”.). Is it mendable without adjusting each syllable in engrave mode?
Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 11.51.28

I think we will have to inspect the project itself to figure out what’s happening. Unless someone has seen this kind of thing elsewhere.

Uploading a Dorico file should work here, whether a whole project or one flow. Did you mean you couldn’t export the flow, or that the upload itself failed?

Thanks! I was confused, I believed I couldn’t export the flow: Got the “Error saving file” message after choosing to export a flow/layouts as individual files. (does not happen if I do not export as individual files). And then it says that my "main file has been modified on disk. Do you want to reload the project? Y/N). (Seems I might have a separate problem here.)
I have uploaded the flow. Please choose the “Cello” layout - the cue-text that collides is in letter D and G.
[Slaveprinsen2022KortTekst - Martas julefortelling(M+J).dorico|attachment]

Do you have the same project open in two different places at the same time? (ie- on your computer and your ipad) I have literally never received this error, but I only have one instance open at a time. But this sniffs of an issue where one computer is overwriting the file in the background and screwing the second instance up (icloud getting out of sync, for instance).

You need to give it more space! Insert a system break to force those last 4 measures to space out on a new system.

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It looks like the lyric widths are not being accounted for in the cue at all. The setting
Engraving Options > Cues > Included Notations > Lyrics > Include in Cues
is making no difference to the spacing. So I think you will have to give them more space manually.

Yes, I have the file in dropbox. And export the flow to my desktop. And it happens only when I export with the option “export layouts as individual files”.

That works, thank you for the suggestion. It turns out as Mark Johnson points out, that I had forgotten/didn´t know that I have to turn on “Make space for lyrics.”

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Was this project imported from xml/other?

You could try creating a new Cello player, copy the music over, and then delete the original (and original layout).

Nope, created in Dorico. Thanks for the suggestion.

Ignore my previous reply! I found the problem, and there is no bug here:

The Cello part has Layout Options > Note Spacing > Make space for lyrics turned off. Turn that on and all is normal.


Beautiful, thank you!

[Slaveprinsen2022 - Verden er mørk og hard(M).dorico|attachment]
Gitar-layout: Still experiencing collisions (in ordinary notes). I can however tweak layout options/note spacing values and mend it. The way to go?
Screenshot 2022-09-10 at 12.55.54

I notice in this file you have a negative value in {Engraving Options > Lyrics > Spacing > Proportion of width for horizontal adjustment}. This should be a positive value. It controls how much a syllable is allowed to move aside (but still be under the note) in order to keep the note spacing more regular.

Also you have {Minimum gap for adjacent lyrics} set to 1⅛, which is too large if you want tight note spacing. You can use as little as ¼ of a staff space between words and they are still readable. Increasing some space settings too far while decreasing others can lead to collisions.

This is a very good example of what happens when you change the default settings too much before understanding what they do. With Dorico it’s much better to enter all your music first, completely ignoring layout, and then see how you would want to change the spacing.