Lyrics: custom text instead of verse number

It would be great to be able to customize the verse number, I mean be able to insert any text instead.
I’m rewriting a lot monastic musics, and there is often the case where verses correspond to a specific day, or a doxology.

Mon. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Tue. Consectetur adipiscing elit
Wed. Nam sapien erat, pharetra et luctus eget
Thu. Ut pharetra tellus id eros sagittis
Fri. Maximus a ligula
Sat.Ut pharetra tellus id eros sagittis
Dox. Nec faucibus nunc venenatis

The advantage of keeping that outside the lyrics fields, is that Dorico manage automatically the text alignments and system break.

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I agree that a “custom text” option would be nice even if it had to be applied line-by line in the same manner as turning on verse numbers with a toggle only where wanted. I’ve also had a need for 2.,4. for instance.

There are ways to fake this, however:
One way is to create a small-value fake note at the beginning of each line and anchor the special words as a lyric to that and set the scale of the note to 1% so it’s invisible. The easier way, perhaps, is to put the text that you want as the first part of your lyric and do alt+space so that “Mon. Lorem” all fall on the first note, and then you can use the left align option and then bump everything over by hand. This is how I’ve faked the 2.,4. for instance.

I requested essentially the same thing here:

I think your example, along with mine and the OP makes three compelling arguments for custom text/overrides.

I’ve also tried using text boxes but invariably I never get the alignment just right, especially if there is more than one line of lyrics stacked, because the line spacing in the text box is different relative to the lyrics options. That’s why I turned to faking it with non-breaking spaces, but that poses issues as we’ve seen.

@emagnier @Romanos401 @dankreider Hi,
I have the same issue in several Christmas Carols I am doing; We Three Kings, Good King Wenceslas, and The Other Night. Thankfully, it’s only 3 out of 111.

I will try the non-breaking space. I didn’t know about that one.

Question: Is there a way to add an em-dash? As when a note doesn’t have a lyric for a verse. Jingle Bells comes to mind.


For an em-dash, there’s a Windows Alt-character. Cant remember what it is, as I’ve assigned it to a Stream Deck.

For your scenario there, you’re much better off adding those as text items, turning off collision avoidance, then dragging them into place as needed.

Best so far, and ok for my needs. Thanks!

You didn’t ask me, but I don’t think that looks very good personally. The first of the two screenshots you posted previously looks much better. For starters, the downbeat is shifted really far to the right. And the first numbers aren’t aligned.

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Tom, this what I achieved by inputting “Chorus, Men, Ladies …” as lyrics attached to the tenor voice and “Is translation” selected. I placed these words before the verse numbers in Engrave mode.



I wanted to do it all in Dorico. But you are right, I’ll have to add the labels after the pdf is generated, in a pdf editor.


@Thomas_Eberth Hi Thomas,
That is what I want to achieve, great job!

Now, how did you do it?



Thanks, Thomas! Perfect…


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