Lyrics disappear on drag all to new position

If you try to move all lyric lines at once, they will disappear all completely. The process cannot be undone with CTRL-Z either. If you then save the VL file, the lyrics are also lost. You can currently move individual lines, but not all of them at the once, which is something we’ve often used to make adjustments for the entire song. I tested this several times even after restarts/no other open applications/newly created lyrics.

Lyrics disapear on Drag-All

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OK now I am one (small) step further with that problem. At the very first position of the lyrics track I always write the song title and the artist in the first line so that the singer knows which song will be played next. If I remove this top line and then try to move all the other lyric lines at the same time it works. If the top line is present as shown in the screenshot, it is currently not working.

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Hi @Detgyver,

are your running the latest version, 1.4.53? I tried to reproduce it, but it is working fine. Can you please reproduce my steps, too?

  1. New Project
  2. Select LYRICS and “Create Lyrics Track”.
  3. Create an Lyric-Event at 1.1
  4. Create another two events at 5.1 and 7.1
  5. Select the latest two event (5.1 and 7.1)
  6. Move them

Fine so far? So, what am I missing?

Thank you,

Hi @Spork ,

yes in a new clean project this works perfect. But our Setlist is more than a year old file that made is way through all the VL Versions and I cant remember - hundred´s of hours work and 45 songs and a ton of assets (audio files) are inside this project. The Workarround (delete the texte at 1.1) works for me but this problem is new. I use this workflow very often when I make changes to the Songs and the Lyrics only have to start a bit later than before.
I dont know - I will keep an eye on it.

VL now can save the lyrics as a text file. I would be great if Vl could import that file a gain (yes there is more work to do on it so that it works that way) but Lyrics are very important for Rehearsals and Gigs! :wink:

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Hi @Spork,

I confirm that I too have encountered the behavior described by @Detgyver during the process of preparing my projects.

As a temporary workaround I have successfully tried the following actions:

  1. CTRL+A to select all text events in Lyrics
  2. CTRL+C to copy events to clipboard
  3. CTRL+X (or just X as defined by default in Actions and Shortcuts) to delete events from their current position
  4. Move the current position in the timeline to a new position from which the events in the clipboard will be pasted
  5. CTRL+V to paste the text events to the new location

In fact it seems that shortcut X has the effect on deleting events rather than transferring them to the clipboard as I would have expected.

I hope what I have reported can be useful and that it will then be possible to definitively resolve this unpleasant bug. :wink:

… I see. Do you think it is possible to give me your project? PM? Then I can analyse the cause of that problem.

… I’ll talk to the team.


I don’t know if this helps with diagnosis but I had a single line of lyric disappear when dragging the bottom (ie last) line upwards a small amount. That was in 1.4.52.

… we have identified the problem and it’s fixed now. The fix will be added to the next Update.

See you,


Hi @Spork,

I tested the fix on version 1.4.56 of VL and it seems to me that moving all the lyrics after a CTRL+A now works correctly.

However, I leave the power to the author of the topic to declare the fix definitive. :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know that I’ve created a new topic to report what appears to be a minor bug encountered during the lyrics movement test:

I tested the fix with “old” and “new” lyrics and did several corrections including CTRL-A and move everything to a new position and selected lines after that to new positions and everything works now as expected.
Thanks again for the fis!