Lyrics disappears

When writing lyrics some letters disappears, even though they show up in the popover. The problem is not as common when writing very slowly, but when writing a bit faster Dorico misses the first letter of almost every second syllable.
I don’t know if it’s due to a too slow computer or what? I experienced this in my last score, a quite small one ( SATB-choir) and only 80 bars long, inputting notes is also really really slow. When Inputting with my midi keyboard Dorico sometimes is about two bars behind me.

But I have to say that the ergonomics have improved considerably with the possibility to use MIDI-shortcuts. Inputting notes is really fast and gentle to both back and shoulders now when I can have both hands on the piano and don’t need to have one arm reaching out for the computer keyboard behind the piano keyboard. (I’m using the lowest keys of my Doepfer PK-88 for the most common notes, dots, tuplets etc. ) Love it!!

I’ve had this happen too, but suspect it’s due to my computer being older. (It’s a 2008 iMac). My newer computer arrives in a few days and then I’ll revisit the project I’d set aside.

I have a MacBook Pro, early 2011, 2.3 GHZ Core i5, 8 GB RAM and 750 GB SSD.
When looking at the system requirements this should be enough.

I did some choir works on version 1.0 and didn’t experience this at all, so is it a bug or something in 1.1.?

This problem has already been reported. There has been an amazing progress since 1.0 but still there IS room gor improvement. The problem happens if you do not wait for the popover to be ready. You think it takes the first letter, yet it does something (like making sure it is in the right place) and skips that letter. This behavior is annoying but Dorico’s team are aware of that.

Mats, I’d be interested to know in any obvious differences you can think of between your former 80-bar SATB project and the current one you’re working on. Does the new one, for example, have lots of chord symbols? Chord symbols are somewhat slow to draw and perhaps that’s causing some delay in the processing of lyrics (the worst of these performance issues with chord symbols are addressed in the forthcoming 1.1.10 update, which will be available next week).

There are some chords in the piece I’m working on now, but not very much. It is as MarcLarcher says, if I wait (1-2 seconds) after jumping to a new syllable it works fine.

I’m sorry if this was already reported, I couldn’t find anything about it here on the forum.

…and yes MarcLarcher, there has been an amazing progress! Now I’m only missing a couple of features so I can do the final switch from Sibelius. :slight_smile:

Dear MatsHall,
I agree with your last sentence. I just wanted to make sure I was talking about that problem on the lyrics, that still can be improved :wink:

I would be interested to hear if you find it’s any better with next week’s little update. If not, please email me the project so that we can take a look.

This is another good news! Can’t wait to discover the fixes :slight_smile:

I just did a quick test with the new update, 1.1.1 and it seems to respond much faster now. When typing as fast as I can (well, not the speed of lightning…) there are still some missing letters, but that might also be my misstake when typing. :wink: But when typing in a more normal speed and also holding just e tenth of a second after hitting space i seems to work just excellent.

Well done! :slight_smile:

I regularly experience lyrics not keeping up with input. Very often the 1st character typed is missed. I think the lyric input is great it’s just frustrating to continually have to keep an eye on the screen to make sure the 1st character has registered.

Well, Paul, I must confess I am with you on this one. Even if it has improved, there is still room for improvement. What I do not understand is why the letters we type are not kept in a buffer — even if they do not show up immediately, they should not just vanish like they’ve never been typed. Feels like XXth century legacy…

Yes, I’m afraid this remains a problem. It’s quite a thorny one, but it’s something that I’m sure we will able to fix in the future, once we have a chance to return to this area of the program.