Lyrics drop-out when writing fast [SOLVED]

Just to let you know that I have noticed that, when entering lyrics, the first letter of the syllable is often dropped out… I have to write it twice for it to appear, unless I wait some time — which, in a writing process, can be a problem because you want the ideas to flow… I first thought it was a problem related to my Bluetooth keyboard, but having worked the whole day only with my laptop, I realized that the problem was real and existed with the laptop keyboard too.

Have you updated to the version 1.0.1? I had this problem with Dorico 1.0, but this has not been a problem with the update.

Yes, I work with the updated (much faster — but not enough) version. The problem is not that it takes time for the software to display what I write — I see it is changing things when I start a new syllable — it is that the first letter is discarded, which leaves mistakes in the lyrics, thus obliging me to re-read carefully.

Yes, we know that lyric input can sometimes lose the first character or two of the next lyric when you advance from the previous one, if you are working fast. We hope to be able to improve this, though it won’t be easy.

It seems that the 1.0.30 update has solved that issue !
Thank you Dorico team, you rock !

I’m glad this is now working better for you, Marc. I suspect that it is still possible for characters to go missing from time to time, since we haven’t been able to fix the underlying problem just yet, but we have made the software faster in general and that mitigates the problem to some degree.

True. I’ve had a couple of drop-outs, but over all, it is considerably better

After a full day of opera copying, I confess I had 3 or 4 drop outs. Nothing relevant, really much much better than before !!!
[Edit] Reaching the 8th flow, the 80th page, I felt Dorico a little less reactive in galley view, thus some more drop outs… But if in page view, then I felt it was very complicated for each syllable… Very difficult to use. Don’t know if that helps :wink: