Lyrics entry in multiple voices

Is it possible to input lyrics into multiple parts all at one go when the parts are all in unison rhythm?

No, but you can select the Lyrics in one staff (using Filter > Lyrics), and then duplicate to a Staff below, or Alt-click on the first note.

I have shortcuts assigned to both those, so I can very quickly fill an 8-part choir with lyrics, if they have the same rhythm.

If they don’t, you can Copy the selected lyrics, and then Paste each syllable in the popover, in turn. Again, holding Command and going VVVVVVVVV is very fast.

Like Ben, I duplicate to other staves rather quickly. That said, I would love the ability to expand the lyric entry tool just like we can extend the note entry caret to other staves as well. That would be a welcome feature improvement. It certainly wouldn’t work all the time, but for homophonic textures it would reduce friction even more than the copious methods for copying.

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…Or if the rhythms are mostly the same, one can move syllables sideways to fit under a nearby note with ALT+Arrow keys.

Yes, but you might have to tidy up extension lines or syllable alignment by going back into the popover (pressing Enter), and then moving through the existing syllables with Space, hyphen or right arrow.

Also, if you move a syllable with an extension line to the right, the line will overwrite any lyrics that get in its way.