Lyrics font type and size

I would like to change the lyrics font type and size in order to add roman numbers and small circles for the strings of a violin. I tried it in library, but that seems very complicated although I watched a special tutorial about that subject.

Go to Library > Paragraph Styles and change the Lyrics font and size. That should be sufficient.

However, it may be better to create Playing Techniques for these items, rather than using Lyrics.

There are built-in string indicators for guitar, which you could modify for Violin.

And how can I modify them?

You can modify them via Library > Playing Techniques.

Hi Daniel, thanks. I am trying this…

Unfortunately without any success…

So you’re creating a new paragraph style, that’s fine – but what do you intend to do with it? How is this supposed to help you create your Roman numerals and small circles?

If you’re trying to change the font of Lyrics, then you need to change the LiedText style, not create a new one.

I don’t want to create a new one. I just want to use the lyrics font for the roman numbers and a zero for an open string.

I forgot: and want to make the lyrics smaller.

My next problem: Although I activated the visibility of measures my score wont show the measures. :worried:

When you say “the visibility of measures”, do you mean bar numbers?

No, 7/8 or 3/4 etc.

So you are talking about time signatures?

It would really help to include some screenshots, or sample project files, with details of the problems you’re having.

yes, sorry

In the attached file you can see: roman numbers far too big, Instead of sul pont. I would like to have SP. regarding the lost time signatures I will send the project.

2023-03-13 20-31-35_The Underside of Green.dorico (806.1 KB)

As said: reduce the point size in LiedText.

You can edit the definition for sul pont in Library > Playing Techniques.


Thanks a lot. Now I got it.