Lyrics glitching: Dorico Elements

Could someone please take a look at the incorrect spacing between the lyrics “friends” and “just” and tell me how to fix this?
Seems that Dorico is placing both “and” and “friends” on the note “g” and I can’t seem to get Dorico to reconsider.
Bridge Over Troubled Water (reggae) (1.77 MB)

The problem is that many of your chord symbols (which are hidden in the soprano layout) don’t line up with the beats.

Dorico can have problems trying to space the score when none of the objects at a particular rhythmic position have any width on the page. In your case, the C7 chord half way between “just” and “friends” is causing the problem.

Moving the C7 either forward or backward to line up with a note fixes the problem.

If you don’t want to do that, in Dorico Pro (but not in Elements) you can adjust the horizontal spacing in Engrave mode by nudging the note for “friends” a bit to the right.