Lyrics hyphen vertical position


I am not Dorico user yet, but have one question.

The Russian music engraving tradition uses two type of hyphens:

  1. Hyphens common used in any Russian texts in some words (for instance, “где-нибудь, когда-нибудь, как-то”). They have middle vertical position.
  2. Hyphens used only in vocal score to divide syllables in lyrics (for instance Do_ri_co). They have bottom vertical position.
    hyphens.tif (5.49 KB)
    Is it possible to set it in Dorico?

You can set the hyphen character in Engraving options > Lyrics. It is also possible to use a ‘non-breaking’ hyphen that stays within the current syllable.

Thank you!

It is?! Please tell how!


Alt Hyphen.

I use different unicodes for that (and a font that has the glyphs) : U+202F for a non breaking small space and U+2011 for the hyphen. Alt-hyphen gives me an n-dash which I find too long.

Nearly all of my OpenType Text fonts have exactly the same hyphen glyph at U+00AD, which is called the ‘Soft Hyphen’ in Unicode. The Pro ones also have one at U+2010 (also Hyphen in Unicode), but not U+2011, which is the Non-breaking Hyphen.

You’re right that Dorico inserts an em-dash, and it really ought to use the hyphen glyph, though I suppose the different usage of a hyphen in a syllable could justify it being different.

I seem to remember that Finale got into a mess about which character it displayed: there was a checkbox whose options were to use a different glyph if it wasn’t in the font, or just display the ‘missing glyph’ symbol…