Lyrics in midi file using Cubasis 3.5

Thanks in advance for your help and support, I have just bought Cubasis 3.5 and starting to learn and get approach of its facilities.
I have a midi file that I use in a Yamaha PSR 900 keyboard, this midi file contains its own lyrics included. I needed to make some note and velocity adjustments to the file, so I imported the respective file into cubasis 3.5 using my ipad. Whithout any problem I made the respective changes and exported de midi file using MIXDOWN facility in order to be use again in the yamaha keyboard. The notes and velocity things that I made changes where all in place and with the changes that I made in Cubasis, but the LYRICS now are gone in the new midi file. My question is, when I export a midi file from Cubasis 3.5, if the file has lyrics, are they not exported, are they lost?, What other data is lost when importing/exporting midi files that where created in other software tools or sequencer keyboards? Is there any way to handle this situation in orther to keep the lyrics contained in a midifile when importing/exporting the file?

I appreciate very much your support to this topic, my main interest when buying the cubasis 3.5 in orther to be use as a simple midi editor, is to make simple changes in midi files, but if some informatios is lost or not taken in the proces of importing/expirting the files, probably this is a bug to be considered.

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Any help? why Cubasis erases the metadata, text and lyrics when import and export a midi file?


Hi @bhergar56,

Thanks for your message.

While Cubasis supports to load MIDI files, the app is not able to display lyrics within the MIDI editor.

While I’m not sure it’s of help for you: you are able to paste or place text in the “Notepad” tab in the inspector.

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Thank you Lars, yes I understand that Cubasis doesn’t support or manages lyrics or metadata like text data and other kind of information (Hopefully some day), but the thing is, I don’t know if this is an issue to consider, but once you import a midi file into the cubasis app, what it does is, erases that important information of the file, and this means that the file looses important information that it could be use and required by other plataforms/apps and keyboards that use metadata, lyrics and sysex. So, my point is, ok Cubasis doesn’t manage this caracteristics, but at least dont erase or damage the info contained in a midi file when importing/exporting the file, leave it as it was, “bypass”, otherwise the midi file would be damaged to be use in other apps. Please consider this situation and probably a good point to take in mindfor a support issue for the developer/analysts team. Thanks again for your support.

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Perhaps make a copy of the MIDI file before opening it in Cubasis.

jeje thanks for your observation, I opened the file in cubasis in order take aproach of the app and do some note editing, that is all, is not for including special effects, or drum paterns or something specific of Cubasis, is just a simple edition an take back the midi file to be played in a sequecer keyboard.


Hui @bhergar56,

Similar to @cubaser, we recommend creating a duplicate of the MIDI file first.


Hello Lars, probably you haven’t understand my point, yes of course I have back up of my files before making any changes, that is not the point, the problem here is that cubasis erases metadara info from midi files when importing them into the app. I just wanted to take aproach of the edit note midi facilities that has cubasis instead of doing that in other midi editors. Cubasis, for some reason erases data from midi files, so they become unusable for take the file back to keyboard sequencers or other app that use metadata. Its important to understand that some midi files are used not only in cubasis but in other apps or sequencers.

But I appreciate very much your thoughts and help, and as I told before this could be an issue for the developer team.

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