Lyrics input: auto advance after interpunction - feature request

I really like the way we can input lyrics. However, I am feeling a kind of rhythmic irregularity. I type a syllable and then

  1. a space → advance
  2. a hyphen → advance
  3. a comma, exclamation mark, period etc → NO advance and I still have to type a space

I searched in the forum, the manual and in the preferences but could not find an option to let Dorico advance after any punctuation mark.

Please consider this as a feature request.

Best regards,

This is more complicated than you might, Karel. Think of psalm settings where there might be multiple words under one note, possibly including commas. Think of Spanish, where question marks and exclamation marks appear at both ends of a word or phrase. Think of quotation marks which both open and close a quote…

You are absolutely right, Leo, therefore it had better be an option. Just in case I am dealing with the bread and butter cantatas.

It also strikes me as slightly at odds with typing text in any other application I can think of. When you type an email or a Word document, or on this forum, do you not manually add a space after punctuation marks, just as you would after each word? I think I’d find it quite difficult to unlearn this behaviour.

It just happened today that I forgot the space a couple of times, but only after a comma. As if the punctuation marks are not part of the text. So in my case it is actually more difficult to do both comma and space. As mentioned, after a hyphen I do not need to bother.
Maybe the whole issue is not important enough.
Thank you for your reactions.