Lyrics - input buffer

Entering lyrics and continuing with Space (word) or ‘-’ (syllable) I notice that just continuing typing loses characters until the next pop-up text field appears (which takes a little). Could you please change the behavior to buffer the typed characters so they will appear in the next text field? This would make lyrics editing much smoother and more stress-free.

We are aware that lyrics can sometimes go missing during input and we hope to be able to improve this in a future update.

I agree. As I posted in another thread:

"Dorico can’t keep up with my typing speed, and the lag makes letters disappear, so I have to go back and add them, which of course really slows down the process.

One example of this: This is me typing “Re-qui-em ae-ter-nam do-na e-is, Do-mi-ne,”

But I really enjoy working with Dorico!

I’ve been bitten by this, too; do you know which update this will be addressed in?

No, I’m afraid not.

That’s fair :slight_smile: Thanks.