Lyrics: move vocal part lyrics below the "chorus" lyrics

As you can see in the screenshot, there is an alto part, but no part in the bass clef. For that reason, I have to attach the lyrics for the part to the notes in the treble clef. But that means my only option is to put them “Above” that treble clef or “Below” it where it is now.

Is there a way to do get the lyrics below the chorus lyrics just above the bass clef? How?


Here is how it looks in English from a hymnal:

Could you try using a second lyric line and then dragging the two chorus lines so that they’re centered?

@DanielMuzMurray, that might work. I also wondered if there is a way to input “ghost” notes in the bass clef and somehow make them hidden and inaudible and attach the lyrics to them. But I’m already in over my head :slight_smile:

Fact is, I probably need to watch some video tutorials on lyrics soon.

I can get it to look like this by changing the chorus from “c” to verse “2”, and then changing the lyrics for the part to verse “3”. I’m still not sure how to handle vertical justification to move both of those lines up a little …

Ah sorry - you’re right about moving them higher. The whole lyric line one (including the bits at the beginning of the system) would need to come higher; not just these bars.

One wouldn’t have to create ghost notes in the tenor line: just divide the held tenor note into quarters and apply the lyric. Then, when you restore the tenor line to its regular rhythm, the existing syllables will cling to the measure placement they already had.

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@Derrek, That’s a good idea! Thank you.

One can also add lyrics at any rhythmic position using the caret, without even having to divide notes.