Lyrics not spacing correctly

For the most part, lyrics are spacing well. But sometimes I’m getting collisions like the example below.

Nothing unusual in my score. Just a feature that needs some work? I’ve tried looking at Engraving Options --> Lyrics but no luck.


I suspect the problem may be insufficient width in each system to show the lyrics without any collisions. Try inserting system breaks that leave at least one less bar in each system and see if that helps.

Well, it was colliding in Galley View. When I switched to Page View, it spaced just fine.

Doesn’t make sense though, since Galley View spaces most everything else. And when I C/P that section to a later spot, it spaces correctly.

Dear Dan,
Galley view is a visual mode made for fast input, but is certainly not showing the final result. You simply sould not bother with collision problems in galley view.
If the collisions happen because the space between staves is too small, you shall increase the percentage (I set 200%) as default in my system) in Layout options >. Vertical spacing.
The important thing is that, in page view, everything is nicely spaced :wink:
What I do not understand in you picture is that the vocal staff is not only on one system/one staff… There are no breaks in galley view so that picture cannot be a galley view capture, can it?

I think it must be a composite image of two different screenshots. (look at the bar numbers)

Yes that’s correct, I just grabbed two screenshots of different examples and put them into one picture.

I know that the team is aware that the spacing issues in galley mode needs to be revisited. I just wanted to add to the list of issues and request that, even if we are not granted the ability to manually adjust spacing in galley view, auto-adjustment to allow for more than 4 lines of lyrics would be very helpful.

I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Dorico to handle vertical spacing in galley view more automatically than it does now.